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Sorrel AbyssinianSorrel Abyssinian

Usual AbyssinianUsual Abyssinian

Abyssinian cats must be one of the most intelligent animals ever created. These cats are very people-oriented, not always a lap cat; but, a cat that wants to know what you are doing - that wants to help. There is probably not a breed anywhere more loyal than the Aby. Once you have acquired an Abyssinian as a companion, you will never be able to complain that no one understands you. Abys are very good at training people to do just what they want.
Abyssinian cats are most suitable for someone looking for an active and loving cat. They will continue to entertain with their antics well into old age. Abyssinians seem to live harmoniously with children and other pets. You will never be lonely with one in your home!

The main defining feature of the Abyssinian breed is its richly coloured, ticked coat and dramatic facial markings. Each hair is “ticked” with at least four bands of colour, dark at the tip, lighter at the roots, alternating dark and light. In the ideal Abyssinian cat, the colour at the root is bright and matches the colour on its undersides and the insides of its legs.

The original, or wild, colour is known as 'usual' in the UK. In this case the darker bands of colour are black and the lighter bands a bright orange, giving the impression of a burnt sienna iridescent cat. The sorrel Abyssinian has chocolate brown in the darker bands of colour giving the impression of a red iridescent cat. The blue Abyssinian has slate blue as its darker bands of colour with alternating bands of warm beige, giving the impression of a warm dark blue cat with a much subtler look. The fawn Abyssinian has light cocoa darker bands and warm rose-beige lighter bands of ticking, giving the impression of a warm antique rose-coloured cat.