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Occasionally I may have an ex breeding Aby that I feel would be much happier in a new home with less cats where they don't have to compete for attention.

 Adopting an older Aby doesn't mean that you miss out on the playfulness of a kitten as Abys remain playful well into their old age.

If you feel that an older cat would be better suited to you please contact me for more details.


 KOPERKAT KHALEESIE now living happily with Sandi

Grand Champion Merindalee Spirit of Oz x Glendavan Martha's Harbour

Usual carries Sorrel & Dilute  PK Deficiency & PRA Normal

July 2014 Litter 

July 2015 Litter

April 2017 Litter




 abyssinian cat - blueabyssinian cat - blue


 GLENDAVAN MARTHA'S HARBOUR "Martha" Now living happily with Annie

Champion Wavetail Gandolf x Grand Champion Nishalka Khu Miw-Sher

Blue carries Sorrel   PK Deficiency & PRA Normal

July 2014 Litter

July 2015 Litter